Six on Saturday: 9 January 2021

It’s a lovely morning, but after two nights of freezing temperatures and snow yesterday, it’s not safe to set foot outside the door until the ice has thawed. There’s no need risk a broken limb because I took my photographs in advance (on Thursday), though I only went out to fill the bird feeders!

In the Potting Shed, the sweet peas have survived the below zero temperatures. I didn’t want to remove their ‘tent’ so I don’t know if they’ve started to bush out after pinching them out a few weeks ago.

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A Miscellany of Vegetable Seeds for 2021

This is the first proper seed catalogue I have ever received. I was just about to flick through it and place an order, when Padraig over at Grow Write Repeat shared his January Inspiration post and foolishly mentioned he’d been cataloguing seeds. And I suddenly thought – I can’t believe I haven’t bored everyone stupid shared my seed spreadsheet.

So here it is.

You’re welcome!

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