Six on Saturday: 16th January 2021

How is the weather where you are? At the moment we have sun and blue skies with fluffy white skies. I’ve risked putting out some hand-washing to drip – only on the clothes airer; the washing line doesn’t come out until March.

Despite the snow and cold temperatures of last weekend, my strawflowers survived – mostly! I’ve discovered how to take a decent photo using my mobile – point it at flower, touch the flower on the screen, and it autofocuses (don’t ask me how as I’ll never find it again),

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Six on Saturday: 28 November 2020

Another grey, dreary, wet Saturday, cold too. I’m thankful that I brushed yet more leaves up from the patio yesterday so I can stay indoors today. I prepared this SoS earlier in the week as I didn’t trust that we would have internet access after to conversion to fibre broadband. As you can see – I was wrong.


Just when you think there is nothing left in the garden to photograph, nature surprises you, as these new strawflower buds show.

Along with this pot marigold which it still going, and with another flower to open.

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Six on Saturday: 17 October 2020

It’s cold this morning in North Wales. Dull grey clouds overhead with a glint of breaking sun above the horizon. Trees are gently swaying in a light breeze, beginning to show their autumn colours; but there are still – just – a few dots of colour.

This pink zinnia is the last one still flowering. I wouldn’t say they’ve been an outright success – all that germinating seeds in the dark. I have half a packet of seeds left, next year I’m just going to sow direct into the front border and see what happens. But I won’t be buying more seeds.

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