Six on Saturday: 7 May 2022

Did you like the rain I ordered last week? My garden did – everything stood up straight instead of drooping about like sullen teenagers. Since then, it’s been a mixed bag and I’ve been doing the seedling Hokey Cokey – in, out, and shuffling them all about. Salads, peas and bean are all ready to plant out, but have we seen the last of the frost, or will it return? I might just risk it. Here are this week’s offerings for Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator.

These won’t be the first, or the last, images of clematis Montana in my Shady Border. The pink has been flowering for a couple of weeks, the white has opened this week.

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Six on Saturday: 26 March 2022

I’m rather late to the Six on Saturday party this morning – my excuse is that I’ve been sowing salad leaves and rocket. Nothing is ever simple in our house: I first had to rake some compost out of the compost bin, riddle it with a garden sieve to remove the pieces of twig hubbie failed to cut small enough. Then I had to find my modules and trays (on top of the cupboard because I was never going to use them again), re-riddle to compost through an old colander – and only then could I sow the seeds.

The remains of the lavender cuttings I took back in 2019. Time to pot these on now they’ve had a haircut. No idea what was in the empty pots: sedum Autumn Joy maybe, but there are a few hebe ‘Champagne Ice’ in there too.

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Monthly Roundup: September

Compost Corner

Not strictly September but on the last day of August, I emptied Compost Bin 2 into old growbags and compost bags – eleven in total – ready to take to the allotment to help improve the soil in my bed. So while Bin #1 does its thing over winter, I can start a new batch in Bin #2.

I could, however, have done without the eight-and-a-half-hours in A&E with chest pains that followed; and the potential diagnosis of angina following two ECGs, four blood tests, and four hours on a cardiac monitor. I am now on one low dosage aspirin a day, have a GTN spray for when the pain starts. BUT, after a chat with a cardiac nurse on September 10th, it MIGHT NOT be angina after all. Further tests are being arranged.

Gardening, apparently, is the best exercise; though I doubt she meant lugging great pots of compost around and stretching across raised bed. She probably thought I meant a little gentle pruning and a bit of weeding!

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Six on Saturday: 12 June 2021

With the weekend forecast set to HOT and VERY HOT, I’m planning on staying inside with the blinds closed. Nextdoor’s trees have been shedding fat catkins for a fortnight and now the patio is awash with laburnum blossom. Of couse, he doesn’t see any of it – or have to clean it up – because the prevailing wind is from his direction.

Sweet pea ‘Cupani – I’ve now planted every pot on either side of the arch in Raised Bed A and they’ve been flowering for two weeks. Not yet the bower of sweet perfume I’d hoped for, but getting there. Mine are approximately two to three feet tall; they should grow to between five and six feet tall. They probably need feeding (and dead-heading).

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