Six on Saturday: 21 November 2020

A quick jog around the garden for me this morning. The sun is out, but the wind is getting up. Suddenly, most of the trees across the field at the back of our house are looking bare. I can’t hang around today as Ive a deadline to meet – having completed the first draft of my first OU Assignment, last week, peer feedback has indicated a re-write is required. I started yesterday by slashing 300+ words from the beginning! Who know where I’ll be the end of the day, but it’s got to go by Tuesday afternoon as we’re still expecting fibre broadband to be connected on Wednesday.


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Weekend Workout

When my favourite gardener, Monty Don, tells me that my job for the weekend is to sow sweetpea seeds, I listen – and obey!

First I needed to get to grips with the root trainers I ordered ages ago, which arrived in semi-flat-pack style. I’d attempted one and had to have a lie down.

I wasn’t sure all eight blocks would fit the rack, but they did. I suppose they have to be a tight fit to stop them opening up and releasing compost.

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