Six on Saturday: 30 April 2022

Could someone please arrange for a delivery of rain – preferably overnight – not too much and not too little? Thank you.

It was a friend’s birthday yesterday, but I hadn’t got her a present. So what better to give her than a pot of summer flowers? I bought everything (except the compost) from B & M and not only filled a pot for my friend but three for me. Her pot (grey) contains 1 x Lily Purple Prince, one hebe Champagne Ice and one lavender (my cuttings), one each pink carnation, white begonia, verbena and marigold. My pots (2 x black) each contain 1 x Lily Landini (dark), 1 each carnation, begonia, verbena, marigold, and a mix of wild flower seeds. My terracotta pot contains the other Lily Purple Prince, 2 x marigold, 3 x verbena. Mine are in the Tiny Greenhouse in case of frost, I’ve asked her to keep her pot in a sheltered position out of full sun until she sees signs of growth. She’s not a gardener so I’ve given her two pages a full set of instructions.

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Six on Saturday: 9 April 2022

I should have known better than to trust the weather forecast – “mainly sunny with some showers later”. Mr O: ‘It wasn’t raining when I put the washing out‘. It isn’t raining as I write this at 10 am – it is rain and sleet mixed with hailstones! Never mind – onwards and upwards with this week’s Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator.

Narcissi ‘Minnow’ in the front border (the indoor ones don’t even have buds yet so I’ve put them outside where it’s cooler).

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The Great Houseplant Count

Nineteen spider plants

Cacti and Aloe Vera

Though I have included latin names (in Tags) for the cacti and aloes, I am by no means confident that these are correct – mine just look like the images I found online.

Air Plants (Tillandsias)

Six on Saturday: 5 February 2022

When I first met the woman who would become my mother-in-law, I was ninteen and she was forty-five. As I got to know her, she seemed to spend most of her time wondering where “the time has gone” as she never seemed to achieve anything. (I very rarely sat down in her house because every surface was covered with clothes waiting to be ironed, sewing projects that she hadn’t finished, and mending that she never got around to doing). But on days like today, when I’m probably not the first person to say “February already?“, I now know exactly what she meant (though I do have a fairly tidy house and any visitors would have their choice of chair – inside and out). Time does seem to past faster with each birthday, weeks speed by, yet a few minutes can seem to last for hours. Events in the past are either five, ten, fifteen or twenty years ago – never eight or fourteen. Last Monday (31st January) we celebrated thirty-five years in this house! Thirty-five-years!! But neither of us remembered.

But enough of this nonsense – time to share my Six on Saturday contribution to our favourite weekend event chaired by The Propagator.

The sun enticed me into the front garden earlier this week, but I could only manage to clear half the dead iris foliage, completing the remainder the next day. My weapon of choice in this situation is a cheap breadknife rather than secateurs, though a machete might be handy. With everything cleared, it allows me to see areas where grasses and other plants (astilbes) might be removed to make room for my new dahlia and chrysanthemum purchases when they arrive. I will only have three of each, so do I mix and match in two clumps of three, or go for my usual linear planting method – alternating each variety?

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Six on Saturday: 2 October 2021

I don’t believe it! One (maybe more) of our local garden centres has already put out their Christmas decorations this week. Anyone else spotted similar activities? Me? I take my optical fibre tree off the top of the wardrobe on Christmas Eve and put it back the day after Boxing Day!

A very quick SoS today as the second year of my OU course officially starts today so it’s heads down and no talking in class!

Fuchsia hedge doing its thing and brightening a shady corner. I don’t want to prune it while it is still producing flowers.

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Six on Saturday: 4 September 2021

First, a huge thank you – and a Gold Star – to Lisa over at Lisa’s Garden Adventure who identified my Christmas/Easter/Whatever cactus from last week’s SoS as a Thanksgiving cactus, Schlumbergera truncata, aka the false Christmas Cactus. As Thanksgiving in America is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, it should be in flower by the 25th of that month. I printed a label for it that goes all the way round the top of the pot!

So on to this week’s Six, courtesy of The Propagator.

Look what popped up in one of my pots while they were moved to the edges of the patio! Not one but TWO nasturtium ‘Labybird Rose’ plants. I just wish there were more (I sowed six seeds in this pot) as the colour is rather nice but a bit lost against the terracotta of the pot. They didn’t last long before something ate them.

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