A new chapter for the Shady Garden

Regular readers may recall the problems we’ve had with our neighbours large and overhanging trees. Half our garden was completely shaded in the summer months, and several degrees cooler. This meant my vegetable growing area was restricted to the other half of the garden and the small greenhouse we built in March 2020 was almost useless. They topped one tree a week last Sunday (though as you can see, they didn’t remove the lower twiggy growth), and on Monday afternoon – a lovely surprise – as they took down the tree closest to our boundary. There may be a stump, but it is below wall height and therefore not visible.

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Six on Saturday: 19 February 2022

Good morning on this grey and wet – but thankfully not as windy – day. I hope everyone survived with homes and gardens intact.

For health and safety reasons, Images 2-5 were taken from the safety of my Study window – hence the poor quality of my Six on Saturday (which should really have been a ‘One on Wednesday’ or ‘Two on Thursday’); I make the best of what I’ve got!

Before the storms, ‘Joyce’ popped her head above the parapet. She’s still there!

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Six on Saturday: 12 February 2022

Good morning from a grey and cloudy North Wales. At present a gentle breeze is wafting the branches of the tall trees across the field, but our forecast is for heavy rain later and darker clouds are moving in from the south at quite a speed. I shall follow their example and move swiftly on to my entry for Six on Saturday, hosted by The Propagator.

Last Sunday morning we heard the welcome sound of a chain-saw in our neighbour’s garden, with this result. Not quite as short as I would have liked, but a start. No sign of an action in the back garden though.

We have a view!
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Six on Saturday: 20 November 2021

A grey morning, mild but no rain forecast. Apparently that’s all set to change from tomorrow when the wind changes from south to north east. Will we have snow? Are we really going to have a mini-ice-age? I hope not as my husband and I both have our booster jabs next week. He’s on Friday at 3 pm at the vaccination centre just seven miles away; mine’s on Sunday at 4.30 pm at a different one, eleven miles away. Either way, if it does snow here in North Wales, and it sticks, we won’t be going anywhere and will have to re-book.

But we’ll worry about that nearer the time. For now, here is this week’s Six on Saturday.

From soil to stove in forty minutes (includes twenty minutes scrubbing and chopping time). Leek and potato soup on the stove – half for lunch, half to freeze – and the start of Jerusalam artichoke soup for tomorrow’s lunch in the slow cooker – braising slowly in chicken stock.

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Six on Saturday: 16 October 2021

Unless you want to see wall-to-wall white cosmos or arty shots of colourful leaves drifting silently to the ground, you’re stuck with what I’ve been able to scrape from the bottom of the gardening barrel, which isn’t much (and some isn’t even from my garden). But they are all I have to show for this week’s Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator.

Raspberry ‘Yummy’ is still bearing fruit in mid-October (of which two were eaten by me literally the minute the shutter had clicked); which still begs the question – is it summer or autumn fruiting, and when should I prune it?

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