Oops – I did it again…

…ordered more vegetable seeds, that is!

I blame my friend D. It’s her birthday at the end of March and we were chatting (texting) as you do, and I mentioned I had an excess of Boltardy beetroot seeds. So she said I could give her a packet for her birthday – cheap present, I thought.

Then I thought, I’ll just have a quick look at the seed catalogue… I need some herbs and stuff! To distract you – for a moment – from what I ordered, here is D’s birthday card, made by my own fair hands and featuring:

  • a handy laminated cartoon beetroot (to use as a label)
  • a packet of seeds (there will be a packet of multi-coloured mixed beets added)
  • a cheesy greeting (also laminated to mark the other end of the row)
  • Sowing and growing instructions – adapted (not by me) to suit our own area

Sunday Seed Sorting

What better way to relax on a Sunday than sorting your seed collection out? Which entailed combining three boxes into one (and hoping the elastic bands will hold).

I started just after 10 am, and finished at 2.15 pm with a 30 minute break for lunch. What on earth has she beeon doing all that time? You may well ask.


Yes! I have been labelling the seed packets with the ‘expiry’ date and cross referencing with my spreadsheet. I shall, of course, mostly ignore it. I haven’t included peas because they are so ancient that the dates are no longer visible.

Once I’ve sorted out my Potting Shed/Greenhouse, I shall extract all the packets dated 2021 and earlier and plan what to sow and where – some may end up in the allotment bed as a ‘random mix’.

This is my idea of a break from studying as I finally completed my course assignment at 5:30 yesterday. I’ll send it off tomorrow (deadline is Thursday at noon), and then I can forget about it.