Six on Saturday: 23 April 2022

Good morning from a rather dull and chilly North Wales. We’ve had some lovely sunny days this last week but cool mornings. Let’s get straight into this week’s Six on Saturday as I have to get back to studying today after a short break for Easter.

What a difference six months makes! With the trees cut down, this is the first time we have seen the back of our house in its entirety. EVER. It really has made a difference not only to what we can grow but how we feel – as though a weight has been lifted. As you can see, the trees haven’t been removed, just drastically pruned, but I hope to have a few years before they start affecting us once more.

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Six on Saturday: 2 April 2022

That was a shock to the system. One minute we’re feeling the heat as the sun bakes the garden, the next we’re watching falling snow, scraping car windscreens and wearing extra layers. Happily, the garden seems unscathed. This week’s Six on Saturday are a mixed bunch, but there are more delights on The Propagator’s blog, so do pop over and take a peep.

A success – Regular readers may remember the sad appearance of my heuchara ‘Berry Smoothie’ which I’d cut back after it grew too leggy. I dug it up last autumn and lovingly nurtured and cosseted it chucked it in a pot in the Tiny Greenhouse and look at it now.

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Jobs for the Weekend

In an effort to clear my head after a spell of intensive studying, I took Saturday afternoon off to do some jobs in the garden. The first job was to harvest my Jerusalem artichokes (see next post).

The second was to have a second attempt at removing the stump left behind when I cut down the cotoneaster in the Lavender Border in January.

My husband started with the pruning saw, moved on to his wood saw, tried a hammer and chisel, and finally – successfully – used a bowsaw.

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Six on Saturday: 22 January 2022

There have been some gorgeous sunrises recently; the featured image above is from Tuesday morning.

Today, as throughout the week, thoughts are with the people of Tonga, and all those affected by last week’s eruption and subsequent tsunami. The pressure wave that followed was recorded here in the UK – a peak in the graph as it approached from the North (after passing over the North Pole) followed some hours later by a ‘trough’ from the longer route over the South Pole.


Current thinking is the eruption may mean a cooler summer for Europe, and an increase in spectacular sunsets over the next weeks.

Looking for some light in the darkness, aka Six on Saturday, I offer this small celebration of nature for your perusal.

Hellebore ‘Christmas Carol’ looks much better since I removed the old leaves, though after two years, I had hoped it would be more impressive than it is.

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