Greenhouse Growing (6)

Let battle commence!

With an offer of three bags of grit for £12 at our nearest – and smallest – garden centre, we nipped out between showers – and before lockdown – to collect some for the next slug and snail deterrent experiment.

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Sowing and Growing a Winter Harvest (5)

I am re-thinking my plan to use the potato growing bags for salad crops, since the slimy ones decimated the plants I’ve already sown – radish, parsley and most of the mizuna mix. Even after the eggshells went down.

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Weekend Workout

The saga of the logs continued for much of Saturday.

We found another supplier and sent a message, yes he could deliver to our area, ring his wife to make arrangements. We rang, and the wife said NO! Not delivering to our area.

So I moved onto the next one on the list and was waiting for a response when someone from our own village (who we had called last week and said he couldn’t deliver until next month) rang to see if we still wanted some and he’d be there in 30 minutes. We said yes.

This was at 5 pm, and it was still raining. But we have waterproofs so got togged up with boots and gloves at the ready.

Twenty minutes later, a tractor drove onto our drive and dumped logs from a bucket on the front. Hubby filled the wheelbarrow and brought them in the back, while I stacked them inside the log store (they have been seasoned and kept under cover so didn’t want them to get wet). We’d finished by six.

Sunday morning – still raining, but not as heavy – and I;ve persuaded my husband to fix a cross beam in the Tiny Greenhouse and add some screw-in eyes for hanging baskets.

For now I’ve moved the two lettuce baskets inside so I can hang the bird feeders in their place. There are still enough leaves for a few more salads.