The Potato Diaries

My annual attempt to grow potatoes in a small space.

I started with one bag in 2018 then three in 2019. When the pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, I already had my seed potatoes chitting in the Potting Shed, ready to plant in my allotment bed; but then travel restrictions came in and things became desperate. So I ordered TEN growing bags (plus compost) and took over most of our patio, with great success.

So much so, that I didn’t harvest all the potatoes in one go but stored them – still in their bags of compost – overwinter, harvesting just what I needed, when I needed. This worked so well that for 2021, I planted half the seed potatoes at the allotment and half in those same ten bags at home.

The allotment potato harvest was very poor – which I put down to the soil quality and a damp early summer, but as I write this on 3 January 2022, I have still harvesting the potatoes I grew in bags.

For 2022, I have decided not to plant spuds at the allotment, unless in bags, and to continue using the bags at home. This year I am trying something different – a variety called ‘Mayan Gold’; not a heavy cropper but they are supposed to store well. I’ll also allow some of last years potatoes to sprout which will give me ‘Anya’ and ‘Pink Fir Apple’, both of which have a lovely taste.

In 2021, I experienced a situation where I ran out of space for photographs. As a result, I have moved ALL previous Potato Diary entries to a separate (and private) blog which I will use as an archive for my own amusement only, so no link is available and – even better for followers of THIS blog, won’t be clogging up the READER as it have not been launched live.